"Embrace the process of the movement and be empowered."

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A one-on-one setting that provides a full attention to the client. The class is tailored to the client’s needs and goals making the progress achievable.

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This Master Class is designed for Pilates trainers to have an immersive experience that provides the opportunity to learn and refine their craft as a trainer. Every class is uniquely tailored by the head trainer and this includes proper execution of each exercises.

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The energy of a small group class is a good way to motivate and encourage the participants to move better and get stronger together. The programming variates depending on the level of the class, from beginner to advanced class.

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“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” - J. Pilates


Oleri G
star star star star star

I have been going to this studio for almost a year and have had such an amazing experience. I used to go to a different studio and I am so glad I made the change. I have weekly private classes with Simetri and the instructors provide sessions tailored to my needs and areas I need improvement in. Because of my desk job, I used to have really bad posture and pain in my lower back. My sessions at Simetri helped me a lot and now I feel like a different person. Thanks a lot to the super knowledgeable and friendly instructors - especially to Sharon and Natalie! Ian who manages the booking of my sessions is also very professional and flexible with my timings. It is always easy to find a time that suits my needs. The studio is also very convenient to get to - it has a very central location in Orchard in a modern building with beautiful views of the city. I also love the open layout and large windows which bathe the space with natural light (providing a positive energy boost to my sessions). I totally recommend! Best pilates studio in Singapore!

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The Simetri studio is a great open environment with a beautiful view and very well equipped. I train with Vanessa who is a fantastic coach. She has a structured approach to identifying any weakness and focusing on those areas to enable improvements. I'm trying Pilates for the first time and have completed about ten sessions so far. It's made a definite improvement to my general health, physical awareness, flexibility and posture. Each session with Vanessa is highly engaged and is a great way to start the day.

Takako Horie
star star star star star

Simetri ピラティススタジオは大きな窓からシンガポールらしい明るい光が差し込む、気持ちの良いスタジオです。

I love Simetri Pilates studio that has wide windows with bright natural light!
During the group session with Sharon, I was able to move my body in a way that I hadn't moved before. I felt super refreshed afterwards.
I'm looking forward to having another lovely Pilates time here!

Stephanie Vergara
star star star star star

Ambience, equipment and people are topnotch.

Jennie Tabilin
star star star star star

Great to be training in a place like this! Wonderful ambiance (bay windows that overlooks greenery) making for a warm and airy place!
Sharon is wonderful too! Has been a stalwart of pilates in SG! Great to be working out with you!

Michael Harkins
star star star star star

While living in Singapore, I had 1:1 sessions with Sharon, twice a week, for around 3 years. Sharon was a great instructor, no two sessions were ever the same and she always pushed me to do more, while also making it fun.
Over a short space of time, I saw a huge improvement in terms of my posture and core strength and over a longer period was also cured of persistent hip pain I had suffered from for years.



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